Founded by a leading Skin Therapist,
Manuel Guerra &  Sylvio Agalla.
Manuel Guerra, a therapist for over fifteen years of experience in face treatments & products technology.
MG Trained in Brighton college in 2003, then moved to London in January 2006 to work for some of the best brands in the salon industry.
During this time, Manuel trained in ingredient chemistry, which enabled him to develop his amazing product line.   
The MG SKINCARE BRAND, offers treatments and products to effectively treat all skin conditions and concerns including acne, ageing and pigmentation.
Using traditional & the latest technologies. MG SKINCARE is cruelty-free, plants based & non-toxic.
Our focus is to deliver results in a shorter period of time - Able to treat every skin concerns with our bespoke range - Affordable for our clients and business to be purchased constantly.   
We look forward welcome you all.