MG Skincare by Manuel Guerra

A Journey from Passion to Innovation

MG Skincare by Manuel Guerra is a groundbreaking line of botanical and effective skincare products. Created by Manuel Guerra, a former Dermalogica therapist and leading skin expert with over 20 years of industry experience, this skincare line aims to deliver professional-level results for a diverse range of skincare concerns. With its flagship clinic located in Tower Hill, London, MG Skincare has quickly become one of the city's most successful skincare treatment brands.

The Genesis: Manuel Guerra

"Sometimes, our struggles shape our destiny. For Manuel, a personal battle with acne became a lifelong mission to help others achieve their best skin."

Manuel's journey into the world of skincare began with a personal struggle with severe acne. This experience led him to become a certified skincare therapist, completing his education at Brighton College in 2003. After moving to London, he honed his skills with leading brands and delved deep into the science of ingredient chemistry—a foundation that would later inspire his own transformative product line.

The Dermalogica Journey: Cultivating a Legacy in Skincare

"Behind every great product is a story of dedication, learning, and the pursuit of excellence. Manuel's years at Dermalogica were a masterclass in skincare innovation."

Between 2006 and 2012, Manuel was an integral part of the renowned skincare company, Dermalogica. He started as a student at their head office, where he received daily training sessions from seasoned experts and attended classes on various aspects of skincare, including facial techniques, ingredient compositions, and the science behind addressing specific skincare concerns. Later, he took the lead at Dermalogica's clinic/store in Kensington, London, offering skincare treatments to a diverse clientele  including journalists,  VIPs and celebrities. This period also marked the beginning of Manuel's skincare classes, where he shared his knowledge and expertise with Dermalogica.

Founding Manuel Guerra Clinic

In 2013, leveraging his invaluable experience at Dermalogica and his prior training at Brighton College, Manuel founded Manuel Guerra Skincare Clinic. The clinic quickly gained high praise from clients and established itself as a leading skincare destination. Manuel and his team offer bespoke facial treatments, combining the latest in non-invasive technology like Radiofrequency, LED therapy, and Microneedling with Manuel's sought-after massage techniques. For Manuel, the real power in skincare lies in the 'human touch,' which he believes is often overlooked in the beauty industry.

The Birth of MG Skincare Line

"Sometimes, to create something extraordinary, you have to take matters into your own hands. That's exactly what Manuel did when he realized the market was missing something crucial—skincare products that truly work."

Despite the success of his clinic, Manuel faced a persistent challenge: the lack of skincare products that met his high standards for professional treatments. Over the years, he tried numerous brands and formulations, but consistently found that the combinations of ingredients were not optimized for the results his diverse clientele needed. This realization became a catalyst for Manuel. Driven by the need for better, more effective formulations, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Utilizing his two decades of experience in skincare and ingredient chemistry, Manuel meticulously formulated a line of results-driven products with potent, high-quality ingredients. After extensive testing and positive feedback from his own clients, he knew he had created something special. He chose to launch his range based on what he felt was missing in the market—products that not only deliver exceptional results but also feel and smell great on the skin, all while being affordable. Thus, MG Skincare was born, with each product uniquely formulated and specifically designed to stand apart from the next.

  • Dry & Damaged Range: Targets eczema, redness, and sensitive skin types.
  • Radiance Range: Addresses pigmentation, dullness, dehydration, and combination skin types.
  • Purifying Range: Focuses on acne, congested, and oily skin types.
  • All Skin Types: A versatile range suitable for everyone.

Product Efficacy and Testing

Every MG product undergoes rigorous testing on clients during treatments, ensuring exceptional performance. The line incorporates high concentrations of vitamins for treating pigmentation and aging skin, fruit acids for combating acne and hyperpigmentation, and peptides and soothing botanicals for redness and damaged skin.

MG Skincare is more than just another skincare line; it's a philosophy. We are committed to creating products that are results-driven, inclusive, and ethical. Every product is vegan, plant-based, and developed with innovative blends of botanicals and active ingredients. From treating severe acne during Manuel's teen years to addressing the diverse skincare needs of our clients today, MG Skincare products are designed to treat all skin conditions and types.

Manuel Guerra's expertise in treatments, combined with the effectiveness of his well-formulated products, has made MG Skincare a beacon of excellence in the skincare industry. Developed and curated by Manuel Guerra himself, the line aims to educate and assist both therapists and their clients. With a focus on delivering what Manuel describes as 'the glow of happiness,' MG Skincare continues to set new standards in skincare solutions.

"The journey to radiant, healthy skin starts with a single step. Take that step with MG Skincare and experience the transformative power of truly effective skincare."