MG Special Skincare Master Class


MG SKINCARE is designed by Manuel Guerra ( The founder of MG SKINCARE ) and made by an independent manufacture in London. MG SKINCARE is a botanical - plant + results driven skincare line based in Tower Bridge.

On our Skincare Masterclasses students will receive our specialised expert training & guidance, personalised skincare regime with a complete Personalised Skincare Prescription, Diet & lifestyle suggestions, through to recommended Professional Beauty Treatments to suit individual student’s skin requirements with us to help improve and balance the natural PH balance of the skin, enhancing the appearance and instilling the individual with renewed self confidence, self esteem & self respect for themselves regarding their skin and their appearance.
Includes Theory & Practical of Skincare Routine, Personalised skincare regime and recommended MG SKINCARE products for the skin.

On our MG Special Skincare Master Class we will show you a few simple daily skincare steps which can greatly improve the appearance of your skin. A few basic steps, first cleanse with our oil cleanser then follow by our treatments recommendation cleanser, follow by our exfoliators, treatments masks, toners + serums + face creams + SPF.



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